Sunday, August 28, 2011

EPEC Event: Community Health Fair, Follow up and Comments

What a great turn out to our booth at the Community Health Fair! We talked to a lot of folks, gave out a mountain of information and had a great time --- at the booth. There was one downside --- Lori felt the need to leave early because of the comment of one inconsiderate (and we'll call her "uninformed") lady.

Lori didn't plan to spend the day at the Health Fair manning the booth, choosing instead to take the kids around to all the fun events and activities. Nolan was having a good day, compared to many other 'Nolan Days', but he doesn't do great with waiting.

There was a great response to the event, so the rest rooms were understandably crowded. This forced her with two little kids into one of the smaller, standard stalls. Lori had each of them finish first before she "took her turn". As I said, Nolan is working on his waiting skills. He wanted to open the door to the world, while Mom was still addressing her needs, so to speak. When she would ask him to leave the door shut, in typical Nolan Fashion, he would scream, screech and holler "NO!" with breathless repetition.

Someone in the stall next to her was notably aggravated, and advised quite loudly to all, that his noises were hurting her ears. Lori was apologetic, and through the stall wall explained that she was trying to keep him quiet, but that he has autism and he doesn't understand. The lady said she was sorry, but advised in a rude tone that he would still have to stop making his noises.

Lori was upset when she stopped by the booth. After explaining to me (and to the folks who had gathered around the EPEC booth) what had happened, she told me she was leaving. Sadly, she missed a lot of fun and ended up spending money on a lunch she didn't have to (free food was provided at the Fair).

A mom visiting our booth told me Lori shouldn't feel she should have to leave, but I explained there are days when we are just pushed to the end. I explained that, what that lady heard for a brief 5 minutes in the bathroom, we have to listen to from wake-up to bedtime.

I wish the rest of the world could understand.

Thanks, Jon

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