Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Welcome: About EPEC (Exceptional Parents of Exceptional Children)

Hello and welcome to our blog. At its heart, Exceptional Parents of Exceptional Children (EPEC), located in Rutland, Vermont, is a family-facilitated autism support group . On a grander scale, EPEC is working to support families and individuals living with autism by coordinating resources, developing partnerships and promoting community awareness.

Throughout most of the year we meet monthly, acting as a guidepost, sounding board and resource to those affected in any way by autism. Sometimes we just meet to talk, complain and brag. Other times we'll be entranced by a presentation or brought to tears by a documentary. But always, we provide a discreet, safe, familiar place for families by other families; people who "know what it's like."

We were originally founded as a college project. As paths crossed, two wonderful women turned EPEC into a permanent community fixture. As the foundation for EPEC was formed, and fundraising and autism support group meetings became the mainstays. The group took a hiatus as one mom tended to her growing family and the other took some time to serve her country in the Vermont Army National Guard. A year or so later, a dad with ideas of his own (and a son with autism) had a chance encounter with one of the founders, who is also quite an enthusiastic person.

Together (and with the blessing from Steph) Heidi and Jon have been working to bring EPEC to its full potential. We have hosted community events, such as our April-long "Celebrate the Spectrum" and added octane to the fundraising (we collected nearly 6,000 bottles in a recent drive coordinated with our local VFW).

Due to summer commitments, vacations and family time, EPEC with be holding off on an August autism support group meeting. We'll have an announcement later next month regarding our September group meeting, to which you all have an open invitation. We will however have information soon about several upcoming events and exciting fundraisers that are in the works. Please be patient --- we'll be back with that info soon.

In the meantime, you are always invited to call, email or if you're local, visit one of our group sessions (you don't even have to be local, if you don't mind the cost of gas). We're always looking for meeting ideas and presenters, and we'd love to add a link to your blog, website or community event. You can reach us by email at: Or you can call Heidi @ 802-345-5006 and Jon @ 802-779-3024.

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  1. Hi Jon/Heidi, Just want to note to folks on your blog that every Wed. on home page or iTUNES under category eclectic radio WOMM you can listen to autism and disabiity/ability shows that relate to your life. I'll send Jon the mp3 of the recent show Non Verbal Learning Disability that many folks w/ autism were first diagnosed with! Apraxia is the other name. Take care and always know there are many like us out there! ~ Anne (host of The Next Frontier radio show and now on TWITTER for updates anne_barbano, come follow!) Write if folks want direct mp3 shows to listen to at their leisure. Incredible info and shows.